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How often do I need to get a haircut?


Do you know that feeling of shame when your hairdresser asks you how much time has passed since your last haircut and then the answer you produce is usually only half true? Yep, happens every time to us and one of the reasons for this feeling is our confusion as to how often we really need to get our haircut. We’ve all heard this magic, and slightly evil if you look at it from the perspective of your credit card, every 6 weeks rule. But the reality is that it depends entirely on your hair type, its length and what style you are trying to achieve or maintain. Below is a quick guide for your haircut schedule.

TIGHT, FINE OR MEDIUM Curly Hair - every 8-12 weeks

FINE Hair - every 8-12 weeks


LONG STRAIGHT OR WAVY Hair - every 8-12 weeks

LAYERED (CUT) Hair - every 6 weeks


LOB (CUT) - every 6 weeks

BOB (CUT) - every 6 weeks

BANGS ⚡️ - every 2 weeks

Image source: Pinterest.