Top 3 Winter Skincare Routine Tips.


Kapow. Splash. Bam. That was the sound of your pores greeting winter. Here’s how to treat ‘em.

When you feel the cold, you grab your nearest ugg boots and hot water bottle and crank the heater until you feel like you’re in the Bahamas.

Your skin on the other hand, feels assaulted by all this artificial warmth and decides it needs anything but: cue moisture, moisture and more moisture.

Here are three ways to treat your pores this winter.

1. Exfoliate with care

Eradicating your skin of dead cells is like purchasing a one-way-ticket to glow-town. Do it lightly, once-twice a week. Why? Because exfoliation helps your skin absorb all that moisturiser and be ‘happy’ again. But be warned, if you have sensitive skin, go easy around your cheeks to prevent irritation. One of our favourite exfoliating cleansers is this one by SkinMedica.

2. Moisturise your insides

What if we told you those all-you-can-bathe hot showers you’ve been taking are actually zapping you of your god-made natural dewiness? The idea is to stop taking such long ones and definitely to stop taking such hot ones. Opt for lukewarm ones instead. And while you’re at it, make up for all that saved water usage by drinking it. Lots of it.

3. Moisturise moisturise moisturise e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e

This is the part where we really treat your body. For your face, avoid an ‘oil’ or a ‘cream’ and go for a ‘moisturiser’. Bonus points if the packaging contains words like, ‘penetrate’ and ‘hydrate’. If your skin is prone to blemishes, avoid oil-based formulas. And, just to confuse you further, it’s important to understand that moisturisers are designed to lock-in the skins surface moisture. This is why it’s best that you ‘pat’ yourself dry post-shower, leaving a damp layer of residue for you to lock in with a body lotion almost immediately after that.