How Often Should I Wax Eyebrows?


“When I was little, I never thought eyebrows would ever be this important to me,” said each one of us. Yet eyebrows is one of the first things we try to ‘groom’ on our own at high school, leading to infamous high school photos with the thinnest eyebrows you’ve ever seen (we’ve all been there). Today, it is all about the bold brow and enhancing the unruly twins you were naturally given by shaping them to suit your face shape. You can either tweeze, wax or thread - the method is a matter of individual preference - but one thing is clear, brows are important and you need to see your brow specialist regularly to keep those twins on fleek. So, how often should you wax or thread your eyebrows?

While it can vary, depending on how fast your hair grows, a good rule of thumb is waxing or threading your eyebrows every 4 weeks. Add a brow tint every 3-4 weeks too and you are all set.