Top 3 Date Night Beauty and Makeup Tips - 1-800-LOVE-ME-TINDER.


Consider your date night poker-face sorted, before you can even think about hitting ‘unmatch’. 

Jessica Rabbit knew a thing or two about seduction. And while we’re not suggesting you act like a cartoon sex symbol on your next date, we are suggesting you can look like you woke up like that. 💁🏻 Choose any one of these three tips and save the rest of your time for stalk.. (cough) doing a thorough Google background search.

Come-hither lashes

Tip-to-try: Amplify your lashes by lining your eyes with a pencil. According to Cosmopolitan, an everyday pencil can be made into a gel if it’s put over a flame for a few seconds. (Just be sure to wait before putting a post-flamed pencil on your eyes!) With pencil in hand, apply using the shape of a spoon or some stickytape, to create a thicker, come-hither winged line.

Leave-your-mark lips

Tip-to-try: We know it seems a little limiting to go on a date in a bold lipstick, but there’s nothing quite like setting him a little date-night challenge, is there? Whatever the case, we love the way a bright red or plum looks at night in winter and we have a solution for the post-kiss lip bleed. Once you’ve applied your lip-liner and lipstick, set it by patting some translucent powder over a tissue. Not only will it last longer but it will travel less during those steamier moments.

Come-off-the-runway contour

Tip-to-try: Forget him, contouring is the way to any girls heart! (If only you could swipe right a bronzer!) Once your base is on, it’s time to start. Suck in those cheeks and create a ‘three-shape’, starting at your forehead, heading under your cheekbones and then, from there under your jawline. Use a blush on your cheekbones (use it sparingly and apply it upwards for best affect.) Finish by placing a highlighter along the nose, under the brows and very carefully under the eyes.

Good luck!

Image source: Pinterest.